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Construction of a home, building or any other structure results in generation of some amount of debris depending on the size and complexity of the structure of the structure being built. If the debris is left at the construction site, the place will look cluttered, and it will also impede movement at the construction site, reducing productivity. This also increases the possibility of an accident, as both construction workers as well as visitors to the site may trip over the debris. Hence it is important for construction sites and builders to hire the services of a firm offering construction clean up

The amount of construction debris depends on the construction method used. In case of prefab structures, the debris will be minimal, for conventional buildings there will be more debris generated and for renovation of existing building or structures, the maximum amount of debris will be generated as older parts of the building are torn down to build the new structure. Based on this information the construction clean up firm will first assess the amount of debris that will be generated, clean up requirements and specify its terms and conditions and rates accordingly.

The construction clean up firm will usually clean up the construction site daily, once in two days or weekly in case of smaller construction sites as specified in their contract. They will provide both the staff as well as specialized equipment for collecting the debris which has been generated during construction. The debris could be defective or waste cement, broken bricks, stones, rebars, tiles, rods, concrete , pipes, packaging material, fittings or even plastic bottles and food eaten by the construction workers. This debris is usually separated at the construction site before being carried away.

Some of the more scarce discarded material at the construction site may be recycled or reused by the construction cleanup firm , especially if it is valuable like steel rods, rebars or unused brass, copper fittings. For this the construction cleanup firm may offer an additional discount on their standard cleanup rates. The remaining waste, especially biodegradable waste, will be discarded using conventional waste disposal methods. The construction firm will usually specify a time when they will visit the construction site, to clean up the construction debris and a provision will have to be made for this at the construction site, as the routine activities at the site will get interrupted..