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At present a lazy greedy goan fraud inexperienced 2012 goan diploma holder siddhi mandrekar has allegedly got a top job in R&AW because the fraud top officials she sleeps with, falsely claim that she was their Btech 1993 Electric engineering classmate as reward for sex bribes to these fraud intelligence agency officials. These shameless fraud officials have stolen the resume of their brilliant obc classmate a single woman for the well connected goan fraud siddhi as reward for her great crime of commiting corporate espionage on their classmate, who these fraud officials hate.
In an indication of the complete lack of corporate ethics, tata, google, paypal and other internet companies are allegedly protecting and rewarding the goan fraud siddhi for her crime. Instead of being punished for her crime, the goan fraud siddhi has been great powers for her criminal activities, allowed to divert and steal the correspondence of the obc engineer she cheated.
India's shameless intelligence agency officials also falsely claim that their darling cheater siddhi is a Paypal account holder, domain investor and webmaster to justify the great powers the goan fraud has been given, when she does not control the bank account linked to the paypal account. A screenshot of her facebook profile, educational record can be provided to prove that she has almost no work experience, though her powerful fraud friends have falsely claimed that she has twenty years experience to justify the powers she has been given. She has now made the Facebook profile inaccessible
So though the young goan fraud siddhi has extremely powerful friends and relatives in intelligence, security agencies and in the indian internet sector, making false claims on her behalf, do not make the mistake of trusting the goan fraud, as she has no qualms betraying anyone who will make the mistake of trusting her.
No engineering company can afford to hire a fraud like siddhi mandrekar, who will commit corporate espionage if she is bribed at the first opportunity. However the indian intelligence agencies continue to waste tax payer money paying inflated salary to an inexperienced mediocre fraud siddhi, just because she managed to get fake references of twenty years professional experience from dishonest indian intelligence agency officials who are infatuated with her

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