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Differences in profit margins

In the software/IT sector, margins are very high, since it is export based, so the companies can afford to hire a lot of staff as they charge their customers $12/hour or more. So work in these companies is clearly defined, with employees only doing a specific task and avoiding everything else which does not come under their scope of work. As a result, in these companies, many employees have big egos, and refuse to do “work” which they feel is below their status.

On the other hand, in the engineering sector, materials are a major expense, and most engineering companies cannot afford to hire a lot of staff, else, they would be loss making. So an engineer is trained to keep his or her ego aside and do whatever is needed to complete the task or project at hand, to keep the customer happy. Very few people have assistants or secretaries, even in a factory/office with 100+ staff, there will be only one or two secretaries/admin staff for the senior most person in the organisation. This also results in greater efficiency as less time is wasted in training the assistant and there is no misinterpretation of instructions or misunderstandings.

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